About us

The Israeli Society for Transportation Research was founded in the 1970’s as a non-profit organization (or NGO) with members including researchers, planners and practitioners from all fields of transportation.

Today there are about 500 registered members, among which are researchers, lecturers and students in academic institutions, transportation planners, urban planners, traffic and transportation engineers, operators of transport services, managers and experts from governmental agencies and local authorities, as well as consultants in the various fields of transportation.

The Society regularly holds conferences and seminars dedicated to the presentation of innovations in the fields of research, planning and implementation of transportation systems on land, at sea and in the air, and to discussions on these topics.    

Goals of the Society:
  • Creation of a center for meetings and exchange of information and knowledge between (among?) all its members and other relevant milieu 
  • Activity towards the advancement of transportation research in Israel and promotion of academic studies and specialization in the various fields of transportation.
  • Creating a setting for discussion regarding new research and initiatives, review of activities and relevant issues in Israel and abroad.
  • Development of cooperation with similar organizations in Israel and abroad.